Server Virtualization

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What is Server Virtualization?

Server virtualization is the process of dividing a physical server into multiple unique and isolated virtual servers by means of a software application. Each virtual server can run its own operating systems independently.

Why Server Virtualization

Server virtualization is a cost-effective way to more efficiently use existing resources in your IT infrastructure. Without server virtualization, servers only use a small part of their processing power. This results in servers sitting idle because the workload is distributed to only a portion of the network’s servers. Servers become under-utilized causing a waste of resources and power. Additionally, some software vendors require that their software or databases reside on their own separate servers, which can lead to costly hardware purchases. With virtualization, multiple virtual servers can reside on a single physical Server.

Server virtualization provides:
- Higher server ability
- Cheaper operating costs
- Less Physical Servers to Maintain and Replace/Repair
- Eliminate server complexity
- Increased application performance
- Deploy workload quicker
- Greener Solution with Less Building Power Consumption

How Does it Work?

By having each physical server divided into multiple virtual servers, server virtualization allows each virtual server to act as a unique physical device. Each virtual server can run its own applications and operating system. This process increases the utilization of resources by making each virtual server act as a physical server and increases the capacity of each physical machine.

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